Looking for the Next Big Winners

Ten years ago, I didn't expect Netflix or Amazon to be the big winners that they are today.  If I had bought and held, we'd have significantly more in our are retirement savings accounts.

So I thought I would try to identify companies today that may be big winners 10-20 years from now.  My hypothesis is that small/mid capitalization companies that use tech to better serve a convenience oriented, home oriented consumer will have the  potential to be big winners.   

My initial picks that meet the criteria are:  StitchFix (SFIX), Shopify (SHOP), Grub (GRUB), Baozun (BZUN), IQIYI (IQ), and Twitter (TWTR).

I have also chosen stocks of companies that provide the technology:  Zuora (ZUO), Square (SQ)

My dark horse pick is Kroger (KR).

At this point, it is unclear which or whether any of these will become big winners.    In fact, some of these companies may become unsuccessful.   So I have bought all of them, with the hope that one will be come a star.

I will also continue to look to buy additional stock in companies that meet my criteria.

Disclosure: At the time of posting, we own shares of StitchFix, Shopify, Grub, Baozun, IQIYI, Twitter, Zuora, Square, and Kroger.

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