Buying Opportunity

The market downturn of the previous two days and today's volatility gave me the opportunity to make some purchases in our investment accounts.  I chose to buy several index ETFs and some individual stocks.   I expect the downturn/volatility to continue and will be making more purchases during this time.

Fortunately, I have qualified for free trades at a couple of my brokerages, which allows me to buy in small amounts without any commission costs.  Thus, I can avoid the pain of a large position falling soon after I buy it.

The following are the ETFs and stocks I have bought:

  • MTUM - This ETF follows the MSCI Momentum Index.   It has a low expense ratio of .15%
  • VONG -  This is a Russell 1000 Growth Index ETF.  .12% expense ratio.
Total Market
  • VOO - This is a S&P 500 Index ETF  .04% expense ratio.
  • VEA -  This is a FTSE Developed Market Index.  It is mostly (99%) non-US. .07% expense ratio.
  • DFJ - This is a Japan Small Cap Dividend ETF. This the highest expense ratio ETF that I purchased at .58%
Income Stocks
  • GLPI -  Gaming and Leisure Property, Inc.  REIT paying 7%
  • WPC -  W.P. Carey, Inc.  REIT paying 6.3%
  • NNN - National Retail Property, Inc.  REIT paying 4.8%
  • O - Realty Income Corporation.  REIT paying 4.95%
  • STAG - Stag Industrial, Inc.  REIT paying 5.7%
I will continue to make small additions to the positions as the market declines.   Also, I may buy other ETFs and stocks that meet our investment criteria.

Disclosure:  As of the time of posting, we own shares of all the above mentioned stocks/ETFs in our investment accounts.

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