Safe, Creative or Trashy?

First of all let me disgress for a second as the 2015 awards results are now also on-line!

Other winners here include the likes of Google and Apple so we are in good company ;)

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When we meet new clients that have been doing investments for a while, we found that they generally fall into 3 categories, mainly those that prefer the "the risky way", those that prefer the "creative" way and those that prefer (or "believe" they are practicing) The Safe WAYtm.

The risky way sees people either taking bets on stocks they sympathize with, or following the leads of "savvy" friends and "street wise" Joe Brokers belonging to no particular organization or information network (yeah those that advised you not to let go of those Oil funds).

In 15 years on the markets I have never seen a single individual keeping the profits done this way.
Some lasted a year, some 2 years, some 10 years, they all lost a big chunk or eventually, all of their money.
"Keeping" being the key word here, for it doesn`t matter how much you earn or have, it only matters how much you keep in the end.

The Creative Way, is for those who have little sympathy for the standard financial markets and go investing into Student Housing projects or time unproven small business financing schemes.
Now if there is one thing you should learn from the difference between Warren Buffet and Jordan Belfort (the wolf of wall street) is that in the long run, proven solid business pays, creative Joe Nobody`s companies/ventures don`t.

Then there is the so called Safe Way: some clients of mine were under the rather bizarre impression that keeping their investments in Italy, although they expatriated, was a good Idea, their wife`s, friends, dads and bros all said so after all.
Fipaperam, Fipeco, UniDebit (gotta love the fictional names ;) ) you get the idea.
Problem is, Italy is a member of PIGS and in the 2014 ECB bank stress test, Italian banks had some of the highest levels of failures.
Should a crisis strike, your money might be at risk there make no mistake about it (I won`t even start on how preemptive capital gain tax settlements the various "Fibecos" perpetrate hinder your growth, I wrote a full article about it).

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that there is FAR better.

Elite investor always had access to far more solid institutions that offer better conditions and better guarantees. Not only because the countries in which they operate are richer and less debt burdened, but because they also give you full insurance by mega Swiss behemoths.
When you couple that with free access to top money managers who`s organizations have proven solid results in all market conditions for the past 40 years, you may get an idea as of why you will be getting something better than do it yourself,  Joe Zillo`s venture or Luigi, personal Banker from MedioMilanum.

What?? The only companies that fit the description, take only institutional clients you say? Indeed, that is why you need access to an organization that secured exclusive rights to liaise between you and them.

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