How to choose a Financial Advisory Company

In a world where everybody wants to give financial advices, choosing a good Financial Advisory Company might be a difficult task, however a good financial adviser has the potential of opening possibilities you might not ever come to know otherwise, something that might have a huge positive impact on your finances.

In this post I will tell you about Information Network, possibility to access what you wouldn`t be able to otherwise, international recognition and global presence, all using questions you should ask yourself in order to choose who should advice you from now on.

First Question: Do you know what kind of information is available to your adviser?

In other words, is your financial adviser/broker "in" on the latest developments going on behind the scenes?  If he doesn`t have privileged access to certain information channels then I wouldn`t trust him with my money.

To make an example, the company I work for (deVere Group incidentally the largest independent firm in the world) is the only financial advisory company to have dedicated "internal" sections, inside Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley websites, we are in their information network, also receiving important and often classified, timely info.
We also have special arrangements on this regard with Fidelity, Deutsche Bank, the Asian Development Bank and more.

Second question: can you or your financial advisory company access all the financial vehicles available out there?
For example, what if the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is doing business with a big financial institution which offers them great terms, but that company only works with Institutional Clients, can you take advantage of the same company and terms as an individual?
they have access to it, do you?

deVere Group gives retail clients access to wholesale banking solutions thanks to exclusive partnerships, 90% of our clients never even heard of 12% a year fixed interest coupons, with guaranteed capital, if you haven`t heard about them too, you are not alone but you have been missing out. (if you want to know more about these just drop me a line).

Third Question: is your adviser firm/broker award winning?
This year the company I work for (deVere Group), just won the award for Best Financial Advisory Firm in the prestigious Corporate LiveWire Global Awards (Wired Network) Innovation and Excellence section.

The printed literature is just out, it will be shipped to 1.5 million company executives world wide, with our CEO on the Cover (watch out this LINK for the news, 2015 results are not on line yet,)

Update: the award news appeared on the 13th of April on UK Business Information Portal -> LINK

deVere Group CEO has also being nominated as Ops Business Person of the Year by the authoritative Financial Technologies Forum (click HERE to read the news on Bloomberg).
What awards or worldwide recognition did your adviser/broker win? Any privileged access to Investment Banks products or info?

The 4th question would be "Global Presence",  is your adviser part of a global network with proper license and local law departments everywhere on the globe?

Here is a list of deVere worldwide offices: LINK (note:  we don`t have temporary premises or small facilities, all of our offices take the whole floor of a building or more).

Can you access a list of offices of your adviser?

To sum it up:
  1. Information Network
  2. Access to top level solutions (often not available to retail clients) and Top Tier Fund Managers (would you want one of the Top 5 money managers in the world to directly manage your money?).
  3. Award Winning
  4. Global Presence

My advice? For more security in your future go beyond the usual. Expand your reaches, be curious, never settle with what you have without looking at better options.
As usual, if you would like to know what we do for our clients, just drop me a line here, on my work mail or on linked in, I will be glad to fill you in on what`s going on with the markets what solutions the big guys (read: Money Managers/Insurance companies etc.) are adopting, and how you can take advantage of the same solutions too.

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